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Gary Fisher and BikeInsure CEO Buzzy Cohn are guests on The Outspoken Cyclist Podcast
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Cyclists may now Secure Bike Insurance as Easily as Smartphone Coverage.

BikeInsure is leveraging eCommerce technology to transform how cyclists in the United States buy and experience bike insurance to make it simple and affordable.
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I have homeowners insurance, why get BikeInsure?

Many insurance experts advise us to think of homeowners insurance as ‘catastrophic loss protection’. Therefore if you are cyclist, a standalone bike insurance policy is your best solution for coverage.
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What types of rides does Bike Insurance Cover?

The bike insurance plan covers casual and competitive, road and off-road, bicycle rides such as individual, group, commuter, charity, gran fondo, and triathlon.
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Are accessories included in bike insurance?

Yes, bicycle accessories such as a bike computer, action camera, lights, bottle cages, and certain others are included in the bike insurance.
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Cyclists across America now have access to simple and affordable bike insurance.

BikeInsure, an insurtech company specializing in bicycle coverage for cyclists in the United States, announced that any bicycle owner across America now has access to its standardized bike insurance.
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Do you need bike insurance if you have homeowners insurance?

I accidentally ran over debris in the road. In an instant I had damage to my bike. It was troubling to learn that a claim for replacement of my bike through my homeowner’s insurance may result in policy cancellation.