What is the one bike product Cycling Santa would recommend?

What is the one bike product Cycling Santa would recommend?

Cycling Santa

Standalone Bicycle Insurance

There are numerous excellent bicycle components and accessories available to cyclists. However, Cycling Santa would brilliantly recommend a standalone bicycle insurance policy as the essential bike product every adult who owns a bicycle in the United States needs.

Standalone Bike Insurance refers to a separate bike insurance policy that covers specific risks not covered by your existing policies. BikeInsure offers a comprehensive bike insurance plan for only $16.99/mo.

Most importantly, if bicycle accident claims occur to your BikeInsure plan, it will not compromise a cyclist's homeowner's insurance.

Why does a bike owner need bicycle Insurance?

  1. Bike Insurance covers your new or used bicycle or eBike.
  2. The policy provides repairs or replacements due to riding accidents.
  3. BikeInsure includes bicycle accessories;
  4. And it protects while the bike is in transit.
  5. Extend to a stolen bicycle or eBike with optional bike theft.
$16.99 Bicycle Standalone Insurance

New or used bicycle or eBike.

BikeInsure is available to bicycle owners across the United States, age 18 years or older. So regardless if your bicycle is new or used in which you are the original owner, or if the bike is used and you are not the original bicycle owner, we have a $16.99 standalone bicycle insurance plan for you.

‍A BikeInsure plan is an application only. We say no to the following:

  1. No credit reports are required.
  2. No social security numbers are requested.
  3. No credit-based insurance scores are necessary.
  4. No additional underwriting requirements.

BikeInsure Comprehensive Bicycle Coverage = $16.99/mo.

  • Road Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • eBike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Triathlon Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Mountain Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Gravel Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Fat Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Cyclocross Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Cargo Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • YOUR BIKE INSURANCE is $16.99/mo.
Trek road bike with Campagnolo Group Set and Zipp Wheels.

Repairs or replacement due to riding accidents.

BikeInsure physical damage coverage has a $10,000 per bike annual aggregate coverage limit and a $100 per occurrence deductible.

$10,000 per bicycle generous limit.

Suppose your bicycle is in an accident and physical damage to the insured bike occurs. In that case, the insurance will pay the amount necessary to repair the insured bike, not to exceed the value of the bicycle and the stated limit of insurance.

However, suppose the insured bike will not be repaired. In that case, we will pay the amount necessary to replace the bicycle with a current market substantially similar like and quality bike less the per occurrence deductible, not exceeding the stated insurance limit.

Bicycle Accessories.

At the time of enrollment, your bike accessories are listed in the bicycle information and will become a part of the scheduled bicycle definition. Eligible accessories that are added to and fixed to the bicycle in addition to the manufacturer's specifications include a helmet, bike computer, bicycle action camera, water bottle, bottle cage, light, seat bag, hydration pack, and mounted pump.

In addition, for accountability, you may list each non-stock bicycle component, such as a groupset, wheels, saddle, pedals, or power meter, in the 'List Bike Accessories' section of the 'Bike Information' page upon signing up.

Bike accessories sign-up section.

Garmin Edge Bicycle computers range from $199 - $749. Other popular bicycle computers, such as Wahoo and Hammerhead, also cost within that price range. Top-rated bike action cameras such as GoPro Hero Black 11 and GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini have an MSRP ranging from $449 to $549. Insta360 is another popular action bike camera with a variety of choices that has various camera choices that cost up to $799.

Bicycle accessories cost a lot of money. However, the BikeInsure plan have you covered!

Wahoo, Garmin, Hammerhead, GoPro, Insta360.

Transit of the bike.

The BikeInsure plan covers the listed bicycle while it is being shipped or transported within the coverage territory of the United States, its territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Gravel bicycle on bike rack.

Extend to a stolen bicycle with optional bike theft.

Any bicycle or eBike with BikeInsure Coverage may add optional Bike Theft Insurance with up to $10,000 in protection per bicycle, an additional $8 monthly.

Is bicycle theft insurance worth $8 monthly?

According to FBI statistics, the average bike price of each stolen bicycle in the United States in 2019 was $2,229. Furthermore, Bicycle Retailer noted in a 2021 article, "Bike prices will go up again," that the average retail price of bike products was up 22% compared to the same period in 2019.

Bicycle theft insurance.

Check out "A 2023 Buyer's Guide to America's Best Bicycle Insurance" before your next bike ride.

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