Unlock the Top 10 Reasons to get Triathlon Bike Insurance

Unlock the Top 10 Reasons to get Triathlon Bike Insurance.

BikeInsure Triathlon Bike Insurance USA

Top 10 Reasons to Get Triathlon Bike Insurance:

1. A triathlon bicycle is insured for $16.99 monthly.

2. Any triathlete with BikeInsure may add optional bike theft insurance for $8 monthly.

3. New and used triathlon bicycles are eligible.

4. Competitive triathlon is covered with BikeInsure.

5. Professional triathletes may get BikeInsure bicycle insurance.

6. Transit is included in the triathlon bicycle protection. 

7. Triathlon Bike Accessories are covered.

8. The BikeInsure plan is application only. 

9. The BikeInsure plan is underwritten by AM Best ‘A+’ (Superior) Great American Insurance.

10. BikeInsure has a simple two-minute sign-up.

Triathlon Bike Insurance USA

A triathlon bicycle is insured for $16.99 monthly.

The comprehensive bicycle insurance plan with up to $10,000 in coverage per bicycle can be purchased for a $16.99 per month credit card charge. In the event of a bike accident loss occurrence, you are responsible for a $100 deductible.

BikeInsure Comprehensive Bicycle Coverage = $16.99/mo.

  • Triathlon Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Road Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • eBike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Mountain Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Gravel Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Fat Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Cyclocross Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Cargo Bike Insurance is $16.99/mo.
  • Your Bicycle Insurance is $16.99/mo.
America's best triathlon Bike Insurance

Any triathlete with BikeInsure may add optional triathlon bike theft insurance for $8 monthly.

The BikeInsure plan extends to a stolen bike when optional theft protection is selected.

Triathlon bikes cost a lot of money, and you want to protect your investment. BikeInsure is a cost-effective, standalone insurance solution for your triathlon bicycle. The BikeInsure smart alternative provides the protection you need without compromising your homeowner's insurance.

Why BikeInsure? If a loss covered by the BikeInsure plan is also covered by other insurance, the BikeInsure coverage is primary. Therefore, a triathlete may avoid multiple homeowners insurance claims, which could result in non-renewal or cancellation of their essential home insurance.

Optional bike theft insurance, with up to $10,000 in protection per bicycle, is an additional $8 monthly. In the event of a theft loss occurrence, you are responsible for a $250 deductible.

Does homeowners insurance cover bicycle theft?

Bicycles may have some protection under a homeowner's or renter's policy. Still, typically a homeowners policy will not cover a bike if it is stolen from anywhere but the insured's home. Many insurance experts advise us to consider today's homeowner's insurance as "catastrophic loss protection." This insight is because:

  1. Homeowner's policies often have high deductibles,
  2. Lower limits on certain individual items,
  3. Multiple claims can lead to cancellation or non-renewal, and
  4. A claim can cause your premium to jump significantly. 

Therefore, a standalone triathlon bicycle insurance policy is an intelligent alternative for bike theft protection if you have a triathlon bike.

Triathlon Bike Theft Insurance.

New and used triathlon bicycles are eligible for BikeInsure.

The BikeInsure plan covers new or used triathlon bicycles powered by human pedaling.

Note: The BikeInsure plan also covers eBikes at no additional cost.

Triathlon Bicycle Insurance.

Competitive Triathlon is covered with BikeInsure.

USATriathlon sanctions more than 4,300 events. Triathlon bicycles ridden in these USA Triathlon events may get BikeInsure coverage with a quick two-minute sign-up at BikeInsure.com. Competitive rides, including triathlon, are covered as competing in competitive cycling events is accepted as normal bike use and is covered.

TREK Triathlon Bike Insurance USA

Professional triathletes may get BikeInsure.

A professional triathlete may get bicycle Insurance for their triathlon bike. Acting in the capacity of a professional cyclist is not considered commercial use. Coverage, however, is not provided for charter, hire, lease, or any other commercial use of a bicycle.

BikeInsure Professional Athlete Bike Insurance

Transit is included in the triathlon bicycle protection. 

The BikeInsure plan covers transit of the listed bicycle while being shipped or transported within the United States, its territories and possessions, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Bicycle transit via automobile bike rack.

Triathlon Bike Accessories are covered.

Triathlon bicycle accessories such as a Bicycle Computer, Action Camera, Power Meter, and other eligible components are covered within the BikeInsure plan. Accessories must be included at enrollment in the bicycle information and will become a part of the scheduled bicycle definition. Additional eligible accessories include a helmet, water bottle, bottle cage, light, seat bag, hydration pack, and mounted pump.

Triathlon Bike Accessories Insurance

The BikeInsure plan is application only. 

  • No credit reports are required.
  • No social security numbers are requested.
  • No credit-based insurance scores are necessary.
  • No additional underwriting requirements.
BikeInsure Application.

The BikeInsure plan is underwritten by AM Best ‘A+’ (Superior) Great American Insurance.

The BikeInsure plan is administered by a licensed insurance producer BikeInsure and is underwritten by AM Best ‘A+’ (Superior) rated carriers Great American Insurance Company and Great American Spirit Insurance Company. According to AM Best “An ‘A+’ (Superior) grade is assigned to insurance companies that have superior ability to meet their financial obligations.” For 151 years, Americans have trusted Great American Insurance Group to protect them and render best-in-class service.

Great American Insurance Company Tower.

BikeInsure has a simple two-minute sign-up.

BikeInsure developed a process that allows a triathlete to obtain physical damage insurance for a bicycle with optional theft protection as quickly as it was to get for your smartphone, all from the BikeInsure.com website via smartphone or computer.

Before you ride your triathlon bike again or your bicycle is stolen, check out "A 2023 Buyer's Guide to America's Best Bicycle Insurance" here.

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