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Creator Spotlight: How BikeInsure Creates Frictionless User Experiences with QR Codes

By Flowcode Content Marketing Executive Kayla Uytengsu.

The BikeInsure Creator Spotlight is primarily a reproduced feature from Flowcode.

Flowcode Creator Spotlights BikeInsure.

Flowcode creator spotlights showcase the talents and skills of our community. Today, get to know the team from BikeInsure to understand how they make affordable insurance accessible to cyclists across the nation with seamless connections.

We spoke with founder and CEO Buzzy Cohn, who highlighted how their "bike shop partners love our use of a Flowcode because it easily enables customers to secure 'peace of mind' bicycle insurance."

Read on for more learnings with the BikeInsure team!

Hey Buzzy, thanks for taking the time to chat. Let's start with the basics — could you tell me a bit about BikeInsure?

BikeInsure is an insurtech company specializing in bicycle insurance for cyclists in the United States. The original standardized bike insurance company aims to afford each bicycle and eBike owner across America comprehensive bicycle coverage at a reasonable price. Additionally, BikeInsure seeks to meet each cyclist at our bicycle partnership organizations, where they desire to procure their favorite cycling products or services.

BikeInsure was inspired by the first-hand experience of a cycling accident that led to a damaged road bike. As a cyclist navigating the costly environment of bike coverage, there was an evident lack of a standalone bicycle insurance product that was accessible and reasonably priced.

BikeInsure was born to provide fellow cyclists with the ability to protect their equipment effectively and efficiently -- any adult in the United States can sign up and obtain bike coverage with optional theft protection for a bicycle as easily as it was to get for your smartphone in just a few minutes.

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We were thrilled to see how much you've integrated QR codes into your business. Can you speak to how and why you decided to leverage QR codes? How have they been a tool for business growth?

A principal strategy for making BikeInsure discoverable to cyclists is marketing presence and collateral in brick-and-mortar stores, from business cards to banners. As a result, cyclists can discover the relevant bicycle insurance and find which plan they would like to adopt for their coverage. QR codes add another layer, making our website and product easily available from any marketing collateral in these storefronts.

"As we drive business development with each BikeInsure Partnership Integration, our Flowcode collaboration will result in a frictionless offline to online engagement for each bicycle or eBike brand, Independent Bike Shop Dealer, or cycling organization partnership customer that will be referred directly to BikeInsure via a secure mobile scan of a unique QR code," said Buzzy. "The instant consumer engagement will enable a cyclist to obtain bike coverage with optional theft protection for a bicycle as easily as it was to get for your smartphone in just a few minutes."

What attracted you to work with Flowcode over other providers?

BikeInsure chose Flowcode for customized and unique QR codes because the requirements were:

  • A user-friendly, accurate scan for each use, 100% of engagements!
  • Safe and secure user experience. Each referred customer must have a seamless user experience via a QR scan offline to the online BikeInsure enrollment platform.
  • Well-supported staff. Talk to any Flowcode employee, and you will appreciate an intelligent, educated, dedicated product specialist. 

Similarly, at BikeInsure, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients as insurance providers to select business partners who protect the interest of customers. For example, the secure payment gateway service for electronic credit card payments is certified to the highest compliance PCI Service Provider Level 1 standards. PCI Level 1 is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

To align with the BikeInsure standards, we selected Flowcode because it is the leading U.S.-based privacy complaint and secure direct-to-consumer platform. In addition, Flowcode is trusted by over 70% of Fortune 1000 companies, and platform security was an essential feature of BikeInsure.

Another point to add is that BikeInsure finds Flowcode's trust guarantee is a vital benefit to highlight to customers. Although BikeInsure prefers white-label solutions to avoid confusion, the dynamic QR codes we utilize must reflect the gold standard brand name of Flowcode along with the policy to authenticate and legitimize our customers' engagement with our website. As such, the Flowcode remains on every BikeInsure custom Flowcode.

We were incredibly impressed with your QR code strategy and attention to detail with design and placement. Can you share your learnings from the design and printing process to maximize success?

With an appreciation that the unique BikeInsure QR codes were required to be a focal point with prominent placements in each application of our partnership marketing campaigns and that all consumers are not familiar with a QR code, our design needed to have the following attributes to build trust and a successful, seamless experience when engaging with them:

  • Branding: Highlighting the BikeInsure logo and maintaining our branded color palette were necessary for a recognizable identity.
  • Call-to-Action: We added "Get Coverage" to each code to clarify to customers that scanning would take them to an insurance purchasing platform or website.
  • Instructions: At the bottom of each code, we added "Open Camera, Aim, Tap" to ensure every customer knew how simple it was to access our website through a Flowcode.
  • Disclosures: We kept the Flowcode brand name to maintain credibility alongside the Flowcode privacy smile.*

* Since Flowcode provides QR to many organizations in the sports and entertainment industries and over 70% of Fortune 1000 companies, the marketplace is beginning to identify the ROUND QR with credible business establishments. So, BikeInsure believes this will become another variable for consumer authentication.

Bike Shop QR code to BikeInsure Sign Up

Where's the most creative place you've put a Flowcode?

Bikeinsure places Flowcodes on all in-store collateral for our partnered cycle retailers nationwide. These displays range from informational takeaway cards at checkout, tabletop banners, and large banners highlighting the BikeInsure story and product. Each uses a unique Flowcode to directly point customers to an instant purchase and checkout experience with one scan and a few clicks.

BikeInsure Bike Shop Banners

BikeInsure's most creative presentation of a Flowcode is on a polo. Placing a Flowcode on merchandise like this lets customers instantly get to the BikeInsure website when they see me as a passerby, in a store, or at a tradeshow event. Printing a QR code onto our clothing is an unexpected and great way to power connections instantly and from anywhere.

BikeInsure Polo by Hincapie

What's next for BikeInsure? How will Flowcode be powering your latest business growth?

BikeInsure is a bicycle insurance integration partner of SmartEtailing. SmartEtailing provides website, marketing, and data solutions to help approximately 1,100 independent bicycle retailers and suppliers sell more products in-store and online. BikeInsure utilizes the Flowcode Pro account subscription to configure the custom-designed BikeInsure QR code for each Bike Shop partnership omnichannel application, and brick-and-mortar retail bike shops also receive custom BikeInsure branded QR code-enabled point-of-sale marketing materials. With the unique QR code that, with a secure smartphone scan, takes the in-store customer offline to the bike shop's online website co-branded BikeInsure information page where the customer may learn more about bike coverage and optional bicycle theft protection, and at a click of a button, quickly sign-up for a BikeInsure plan.

Bike Shop partners love our use of a Flowcode because it easily enables customers to secure 'peace of mind' bicycle insurance. When the unexpected accident or theft happens, the bike shop customer may return to their store with a check to repair or replace their bike.

Within the BikeInsure Flowcode 'codes overview' panel, BikeInsure can configure, manage, and audit the code analytics in real-time. As a result, Flowcode enables BikeInsure to execute a nationwide solution for countless commercial partnership engagements while fulfilling the objective of the optimized and efficient offline-to-online user experience.

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BikeInsure thoroughly and thoughtfully executes its QR strategy to drive discovery and customer trust. We're proud to be a trusted partner of the BikeInsure team and help cyclists access affordable insurance faster than ever.

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For everyone reading, if you're looking for a reliable and accessible bike insurance solution, make sure to explore all that BikeInsure has to offer!

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