IMBA Welcomes BikeInsure as Official Mountain Bike Insurance Partner

IMBA Welcomes BikeInsure as Official Mountain Bike Insurance Partner

BikeInsure Official Mountain Bike Insurance IMBA
IMBA BikeInsure Press Release

Boulder, Colorado / November 16, 2023 – BikeInsure and IMBA announce a partnership bringing affordable, opt-in bicycle insurance to IMBA members. BikeInsure is a specialty bicycle insurance company that offers coverage to all adult residents in the United States. IMBA lives into its mission to create, enhance, and protect great places to ride mountain bikes through the resource and benefit-rich IMBA Local program made up of over 250 membership organizations across the U.S. and the world. This new partnership with BikeInsure will allow IMBA members to easily and affordably secure a comprehensive bike insurance policy from BikeInsure to protect their valued mountain bicycles and eBikes against riding, transit, and theft risks. The partnership allows IMBA members to have peace of mind and get a great deal on insuring their bikes.

IMBA Nationwide BikeInsure Coverage Highlights

BikeInsure is a separate insurance policy designed specifically for bicycles and eBikes. Unlike homeowners' insurance policies considered catastrophic home loss protection and do not offer adequate mountain bicycle coverage and insurance policies that exclude eBikes due to their classification as motorized vehicles, BikeInsure provides comprehensive coverage for both. Buzzy Cohn, CEO of BikeInsure and eBike Owner, stated that BikeInsure is 'The Better Way' for IMBA members to protect their mountain bikes and eBikes, which includes all 3-Class electric bicycle standards, and making a claim with BikeInsure won't affect other insurance policies.

Separate Bike Insurance - The Better Way

IMBA members can quickly sign up for BikeInsure Bike Coverage to protect their new and used mountain bikes and eBikes from any damages sustained from riding accidents or transportation. They may also add bicycle Theft Protection, which extends coverage to a stolen bicycle or eBike.

IMBA Member Mountain Bike Insurance

"Thanks to IMBA, I signed up for mountain bike insurance. It's fantastic that my Mondraker Raze R, a high-performance mountain bike from Spain, is BikeInsure'd for $16 bucks monthly.

Just before I signed up for the bicycle insurance, I had an accident that busted-up a wheel that cost me over $600 to replace. But now that I have BikeInsure, I can get back on the trails by paying just a $100 deductible if such an accident happens again."

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BikeInsure Official Mountain Bike Insurance IMBA

Anthony Duncan, Director of IMBA Local, states, "BikeInsure makes it easy for our members to protect their mountain bikes, including e-bikes, from theft, transit damage, and even accidents that may occur while riding. Knowing many of our members travel for destination riding, and regularly transport their bikes to trailheads in their local and regional communities, IMBA members will be stoked to have BikeInsure's Transit Protection included when they sign up.”

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