What made you choose America's Best Bike Insurance?

What made you choose America's Best Bike Insurance?

Bicycle Theft Claim Paid $10,000

I decided to switch to BikeInsure for three reasons:

1) Renter or homeowner insurance is inadequate to protect bikes.

2) I wanted full coverage in case my bike was damaged in a cycling accident or stolen.

3) I was also concerned that other specialized bike insurance providers might have policies with complicated language that would not cover my needs. 

My BikeInsure'd bicycle was recently stolen when a thief violated my life and stole my bike, which had my prosthetic arm still attached to the handlebar while I was training for the Paralympics. BikeInsure promptly paid me $10,000 just days after I filed my claim. The claims adjuster was kind and efficient. I was relieved and grateful for the quick and compassionate service I received from BikeInsure.

2022 Pinarello Dogma Serial #2P15150902052

I imagine dealing with the hassle and expense of your bike insurance competitors that I previously researched, like Markel or Velosurance and one other, whose policies are more expensive and offer worse coverage. Their policies are full of restrictions, such as all the bike theft mentions of "Immovable Object" or requiring one of their "Approved Locks."

Pinarello Dogma Bicycle

Overall, I am very satisfied with BikeInsure's service and coverage. I have you to thank. Had it not been for you, I'd be screwed. I was talking to my friends who got new bikes. I told them You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't throw BikeInsure on those bikes.

Dream Chaser at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The BikeInsure customer, affectionately known as Dream Chaser, was introduced to the company at a fundraising event called "Ride to Provide." The event by former NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker, Lorenzo Alexander, to raise funds for programs that helped veterans with disabilities participate in cycling. The Project Hero Organization modified the Dream Chaser bike to adaptively control the gears and brakes on the bicycle's left side.

Ride To Provide Charity Cycling Fundraiser

At the event, Dream Chaser caught the attention of the BikeInsure CEO with his carbon fiber prosthetic arm, much like the way he had caught Prince Harry's attention at the Invictus Games.

Dream Chaser and Prince Harry via Military.com

Dream Chaser is a US Army 1st Class Sergeant Veteran who served his country and completed two tours of duty in Iraq. While stationed in Tennessee, he was involved in a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the amputation of his right arm. Despite this setback, Dream Chaser became the first loss-of-limb military member to reenlist back into military service.

After relocating to Colorado Springs, he enrolled in the Army's Paralympic Program with the aim of competing in the 2028 Paralympic Games in Los Angeles, California. Congratulations on purchasing your new bike with the $10,000 insurance reimbursement check from your preferred local bike shop. We wish you all the best, and know that America is rooting for you, Dream Chaser!

Triathlon Competition
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