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BikeInsure simplifies and makes bike and eBike insurance more affordable for bicycle owners in the United States. Bicycle and e-bike owners must understand the necessity of obtaining separate bike insurance for comprehensive bicycle or eBike investment protection. A BikeInsure policy mitigates the costly financial risks related to riding, transit, and theft that all bike owners face.

Unlike homeowners' insurance policies, considered catastrophic home loss protection and do not offer adequate bicycle coverage, and insurance policies that exclude electric bikes due to their classification as motorized vehicles, BikeInsure provides comprehensive coverage for both.

Scheduled Insurance Rider Alert

Scheduling a bicycle as a Rider on a home or renter insurance policy may increase the bike's coverage limits and even lower the homeowner's insurance deductible for the scheduled bicycle. However, Personal property insurance claims, even on a scheduled rider for a bicycle, jeopardize your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy by increasing premiums and non-renewal (cancellation)!

Bicycles and e-bikes require a primary and separate bike insurance policy, like BikeInsure, to cover the risks of riding, transit, and theft. According to, primary insurance is the first company responsible for paying claims. Making a claim with a separate insurance, such as BikeInsure, won't affect other insurance policies.

Bicycle Insurance Rider

BikeInsure is the official bike insurance partner of USA Cycling and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). It is a licensed insurance producer that collaborates with and is underwritten by AM Best, 'A+' (Superior) rated Great American Insurance Company. For 152 years, Americans have trusted Great American Insurance Company to protect them and provide best-in-class service. BikeInsure's authorized insurers operate in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

BikeInsure - Great American
As of 2024, none of the major insurance carriers in the United States offers a specific policy for bicycles and e-bikes.

Although some insurance carriers, like State Farm and Progressive, offer motorcycle insurance, which can be expensive, to cover an electric bicycle, other carriers that exclude eBike coverage from homeowner's insurance policies refer their customers to a bicycle insurance company like BikeInsure for a separate bicycle insurance policy that includes electric bikes.

Only two bicycle insurance policies covering bicycles and electric bikes have received approval from each state insurance department across the United States and are available nationwide. Another bicycle insurance company is available in approximately half of the country.

The BikeInsure 'Fixed Pricing' Policy (BikeInsure Sample Policy) is underwritten by AM Best-rated 'A+' Great American Insurance Company. The other bicycle insurance companies offer 'Variable Pricing' policies.

Bike Insurance Policy Comparison

Wise Cyclists Pick America's Best Bike Insurance Policy!

Bike Theft Customer Review

BikeInsure Bike Theft Customer Story

I decided to switch to BikeInsure for three reasons:

1) Renter or homeowner insurance is inadequate to protect bikes. 

2) I wanted full coverage in case my bike was damaged in a cycling accident or stolen. 

3) I was also concerned that other specialized bike insurance providers might have policies with complicated language that would not cover my needs. 

My BikeInsure'd bicycle was recently stolen when a thief violated my life and stole my bike, which had my prosthetic arm still attached to the handlebar while I was training for the Paralympics. BikeInsure promptly paid me $10,000 just days after I filed my claim. The claims adjuster was kind and efficient. I was relieved and grateful for the quick and compassionate service I received from BikeInsure.

2022 Pinarello Dogma Serial #2P15150902052

I imagine dealing with the hassle and expense of your bike insurance competitors that I previously researched, like Markel or Velosurance and one other, whose policies are more expensive and offer worse coverage. Their policies are full of restrictions, such as all the bike theft mentions of "Immovable Object" or requiring one of their "Approved Locks."

Overall, I am very satisfied with BikeInsure's service and coverage. I have you to thank. Had it not been for you, I'd be screwed. I was talking to my friends who got new bikes. I told them You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't throw BikeInsure on those bikes.

USA Cycling Accident Review

USA Cycling - BikeInsure Bike Accident Customer Story

Last September, I wanted to compare bike insurance with Markel and VeloSure for my Trek Madone. I went to the USA Cycling website and came across BikeInsure.

The USAC official bike insurance BikeInsure proved to be a better product at a better price for accident and theft coverage than the Markel Velosurance policy.

I am now a reviewer for BikeInsure because I had a bike accident at the Tour of Newport News in Virginia, damaging my top tube, frame, saddle, and GoPro Hero 11 Camera. After getting an estimate from my TREK Bike Shop, I filed a claim with BikeInsure and received a check for $6,708 a few weeks later. 

I paid under $25 monthly for eight months of BikeInsure coverage until my accident, totaling under $200. I also had a $100 deductible for the accident claim. Therefore, I paid less than $300 in total but received $6,708 to cover the extensive and costly damage to my Trek Madone and its accessories, including my GoPro Camera. The claims process was seamless, and I am happy to recommend BikeInsure to my cycling teammates.

Insurance Agency Owner Review

Home Insurance Agent - BikeInsure Customer Story

I am the owner of an insurance agency that specializes in providing coverage for homes and automobiles. As someone who works in this industry, I understand the importance of having a separate insurance policy for a bicycle to ensure it is protected without impacting my home insurance policy with a claim.

Our agency can broker Markel Bicycle Insurance, but personally, I have chosen to use BikeInsure for my Specialized and Wilier bike insurance coverage.

The BikeInsure coverage is excellent, the premium is reasonable, and the enrollment process is simple.

IMBA - BikeInsure Review

IMBA - BikeInsure Customer Story

I called BikeInsure because I have a Specialized eMountain Bike and was comparing bike insurance companies. I received quotes from Sundays and Velosurance but found them to be really expensive.

As an IMBA member, I decided to check out BikeInsure, which is the official mountain bike insurance for IMBA members. I was pleasantly surprised that BikeInsure offered reasonably priced bike insurance coverage for my Turbo Levo Expert.

After comparing bike insurance companies, I found that BikeInsure had the best eBike insurance for cycling accidents and theft.

Cannondale - BikeInsure Review

Cannondale - BikeInsure Customer Story

I've been a Velosurance customer for my Canyon Bike, and when I wanted to get coverage for my new Cannondale Supersix, Velosurance quoted me over $700 per year. I thought that was ridiculous, so I searched Google for bike insurance on my phone and came across BikeInsure. I checked BikeInsure's FAQ to confirm it was right for me and then signed up! Even on my mobile phone, the sign-up process was super easy.

Soon after, I received a welcoming call from BikeInsure. I'm glad I found BikeInsure, which costs me $16.99/mo for complete coverage of my bike and all its accessories. My next step is adding my Canyon bike with BikeInsure coverage, just as I did for my Cannondale.

BWR - BikeInsure Review

Belgian Waffle Ride - BikeInsure Customer Story

I have never ridden in a Belgian Waffle Ride before, but a year ago, I got my Specialized Gravel eBike, and this April, I am participating in the 80-mile Waffer in San Diego, California. I contacted my State Farm homeowner's insurance for ebike insurance, but complete coverage for my gravel bike was impossible under their policy. I also looked into Markel Bike Insurance, but it was so expensive that I got turned off.

Then, the Belgian Waffle Ride sent me an email newsletter that said, "Protect your bike for the BWR with BikeInsure, our Official Bike Insurance partner." I researched BikeInsure and had one question, which I emailed them on a Sunday night at 7:PM California time. The response came back immediately at 10:PM Washington DC time. I am happy to say that I have signed up for the ride, and my bike is insured, thanks to Belgian Waffle Ride and BikeInsure! They are both fantastic!

Alaska BikeInsure Review

Alaska BikeInsure Customer Story

Although I live in Alaska and sometimes feel treated like we are in a foreign country regarding product availability, I was happy to see two competitively priced bike insurance options available for our Specialized Enduro Comp Mountain Bike.

I compared BikeInsure with Markel but chose BikeInsure because the website presentations were very clear and seemed to present a better insurance product for our bike. Additionally, BikeInsure offered lower deductibles, and I got the impression that they would be easier to work with if I ever had to make a claim.

I felt reassured when BikeInsure answered my questions during a welcome call, even on a Saturday.

Bike Mart - BikeInsure Review

Bike Mart - BikeInsure Customer Story

Sadly, one of the eight cyclists in our Texas bike group had their bike stolen, and none of us had bike insurance!

It's crazy to see Velo Insurance almost $90 bucks a month.

We thought we were out of luck until our fortune changed when I walked into BIKE MART to buy a pair of shoes. I shared the bike theft story with the salesperson and he advised:

"BIKE MART recommends BikeInsure for Bike Insurance!"

He handed me a BikeInsure brochure to take home, and they were right! The bike insurance is great, and the policy price is reasonable. Now, our bike group can do what makes us happy, knowing that BikeInsure insures all our bikes!

A Texas-sized "THANK YOU" to BIKE MART!

Specialized - BikeInsure Review

Specialized - BikeInsure Customer Story

I recently purchased my first bike, which was NOT $500. I bought a $5,000 Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon S3. Once I received the bike, I realized I needed insurance. After researching, I discovered two insurance providers for my eBike - BikeInsure and Velosure.

Velosurance wasn't available in my state, but BikeInsure was, so I signed up with them. 

Initially, I was confused about what bike insurance covered. But when BikeInsure called to welcome me, they explained the difference between bike insurance for an 'occurrence,' such as a crash or theft, vs. the warranty for a defective component. Now I'm clear on what BikeInsure covers - they've got my Specialized eBike insured for any 'occurrence' involving cycling damage or theft. If my electric bike's battery stops working, that's something covered under the Specialized warranty.

Bike League - BikeInsure

The League of American Bicyclists - BikeInsure Customer Story

My Velosurance policy expired, but I received a newsletter from the League of American Bicyclists, which mentioned BikeInsure as their official bike insurance partner.

While riding my Tern Cargo eBike to Costco, I realized that I needed bike insurance, so I stopped and signed up for BikeInsure. It was easy and convenient. Onward to Costco.

Cannondale - BikeInsure Review

Cannondale - BikeInsure Customer Story

I was paranoid about not having insurance for my bike during an upcoming trip. I searched for bike insurance and compared Markel and Sundays, but eventually, I chose BikeInsure.

The BikeInsure website is well-designed and easy to navigate. BikeInsure had everything I needed for my Cannondale.

Richardson Bike Fit - BikeInsure

Richardson Bike Fit - BikeInsure Customer Story

I was referred to BikeInsure by my trusted bike fitter, Richardson Bike Fit.

They spoke highly of the BikeInsure CEO, who has been a client for over ten years! I used to be a Velosurance customer, but after the referral from Richardson Bike Fit, I switched to BikeInsure. They now provide full insurance coverage for my TREK Madone and BMC TeamMachine.

The welcome call from BikeInsure is a testament to the quality of the bike insurance they represent. Bike owners must let other cyclists know that having a separate bike insurance policy is crucial, as many bicycle owners are unaware of this. That's why I will be recommending BikeInsure to all my cycling friends.

Colnago - BikeInsure Review

Colnago - BikeInsure Customer Story

If you're looking for top-notch bike insurance and excellent customer service, I highly recommend BikeInsure.

I've been a Velosurance customer for a few years but recently discovered BikeInsure. After emailing them some questions, I received prompt service over the phone, which convinced me to switch. When my other Velosurance policy expires, I will add two more bikes with BikeInsure.

Unlike Velosurance, which has a time-consuming enrollment process and high premiums, signing up with BikeInsure was a breeze. In just minutes, I got BikeInsure for my Colnago for a very reasonable price, providing coverage for crashes, transit, and theft.

BikeInsure Sign Up

Signing up for a BikeInsure plan is a quick and easy process that takes only two minutes to complete. Unlike some other bicycle insurance companies, BikeInsure does not require the following:

  1. No credit reports are required.
  2. No social security numbers are requested.
  3. No credit-based insurance scores are necessary.
  4. No additional underwriting requirements.
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