Gran Fondo Bike Insurance at its Affordable Best

Gran Fondo Bike Insurance at its Affordable Best!

Gran Fondo Bike Insurance

Let's face it, your gravel rig deserves some badass protection. Forget the snooze-worthy insurance policies. We're talking about separate bike insurance that is as bold as your commitment to the unruliness of the unroad undulations.

Belgian Waffle Ride highly recommends safeguarding your rigs with BikeInsure!

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Bike owners should obtain a separate bike insurance policy to protect their valuable bicycles and reduce the costly financial risks associated with the thrilling yet unpredictable paths of riding, transit, and theft.

Any bike participating in a Gran Fondo in the United States may secure BikeInsure accident coverage for $16.99/mo.

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BikeInsure has your bike or eBike coverage. Accidents, transit mayhem, and theft are all part of the gravel game. We're not saying you're going to crash while training, but if you do, we want you covered.

BikeInsure isn't your grandma's insurance. While others focus on your home's meltdown, we're here for your two-wheeled love. BikeInsure's got the lowdown on all bikes, especially those gritty gravel machines. Forget the fine print – they cover everything, from your custom accessories to that rad component upgrade you just had to have.

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And here's the kicker – making a claim is smoother than your favorite trail. No insurance drama, no hassle. Plus, it won't mess with your other policies. Kakaboulet!

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‍You know the Belgian Waffle Ride is the wildest Gran Fondo in the States. It's not for the primping roadies. The BWR is a test of endurance that'll leave your legs questioning their life choices – yes, you can tell them to shut up. But, to make sure your BWR experience and all the unroads in the lead-up are stress-free, get on board with BikeInsure. Accidents, transportation hiccups, and bike bandits are covered.

So, BikeInsure it, then get back to your pedaling perversity! There's no need to worry about 'uh-oh' moments. Just like wearing a helmet is a no-brainer, insuring your bike is a smart move. And guess what? It's only $16.99 monthly, less than your post-ride coffee spree. With BikeInsure, you're just a $100 deductible away from returning your bike to its glory. Let's ride without worry and let the gravel grinding groove on!

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