My eBike was Stolen! The Reality of Bike Theft Insurance.

I became a victim of bike theft when my eBike got stolen!

Specialized Turbo Vado THEFT. $4,712 PAID.

It sounds horrible, which it is, yet it was not all bad news because of BikeInsure. In May, my favorite bike shop, Gorges Cycles in New York, recommended BikeInsure. I signed up for my 2022 Specialized Vado SL 4.0, which cost $4,300. Shortly after purchasing the $24.99 monthly bike insurance plus theft protection, the BikeInsure CEO called to welcome me. On that call, we dialed in my other attached accessories that became listed on my policy. 

On October 26, I locked my bike at a park in what I always felt was a safe location. I ran on the trails, and my bike was gone upon my return. I immediately called BikeInsure. In my time of stress, BikeInsure calmly advised me to file my claim with a police report. Amazingly, shortly after submitting my claim, the claim administrator from Great American Insurance contacted me.

Filing a BikeInsure Theft Claim

It worked out well because of the Great American Claims representative. She understood the ins and outs of everything and was great to work with. I had my eBike insurance with BikeInsure for just six months and spent under $150 in premium paid for 'peace of mind' coverage that was realized when a check arrived with a letter that stated, "We issued payment in the amount of $4,712.16 for the covered equipment." The check represented payment for my eBike and the listed accessories on the equipment schedule.

BikeInsure has got to be the best bike insurance around.

Thank you for choosing Great American to underwrite the BikeInsure policy. BikeInsure is a great bicycle insurance product and an amazing service to cycling customers. I am forever grateful and will recommend BikeInsure to every bike owner I know, beginning with this review.

BikeInsure. Great American Insurance Company.

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