As Gas Prices Skyrocket, an eBike is a Smart Alternative

As Gas Prices Skyrocket, an eBike is a Smart Alternative.

This fact is why the most prominent bike brands such as Trek Bicycle and Specialized Bicycle Components, plus the more popular electric bicycle companies like Pedego Electric Bikes, Rad Power Bikes, Lectric eBikes, and Aventon, and an emerging foldable electric bicycle brand to the United States Blaupunkt eBikes are flourishing.

Gas prices over $8 per gallon.

A simple Google search of gas results in countless articles regarding eBikes as an intelligent alternative to cars. Here are ten reports that outline philosophical and contemporary reasoning.

eBike commuter.

1| The Wall Street Journal | United States | Journalist Christopher Mims

The Hottest New Car on the Market Is an E-Bike

2| Bloomberg | United States | Writer David Zipper

It's Time to Treat E-Bikes Like Vehicles

3| USA Today | United States | Columnists Liv Birdsall and Nusrat Sultana

Gas is expensive. You need an electric bike.

Electric Bike Commuter

4| KPBS | San Diego, California | Journalist Thomas Judge

Electric bikes are one alternative to paying the high price of gas

5 | KSBY6 | California’s Central Coast | Weekend Anchor / Journalist Claudia Buccio

Drivers considering e-bikes as gas prices remain high

6 | FOX 11 Los Angeles | Good Day LA

The e-bike alternative to rising gas prices

7 | FOX 13 Salt Lake City | Utah | Reporter Sara Murphy

Utahns turn to e-bikes as alternative to high gas prices

8 | WRDW-TV 12 CBS and WAGT-TV 26 NBC | Augusta, Georgia | Jamey Tucker

What the Tech: Electric bikes to combat rising gas prices

9 | E-Bike 1000 MPG Project | Berkley, California | Investigator Tom Lent

E-Bike Monitoring Project

Great American Insurance Tower | eBike Commuter in Cincinnati, Ohio

10 | | New York, New York | Design Editor Llyod Alter

Electric Bike Sales Are Booming, Thanks to High Gas Prices

Unfortunately, since there is no requirement for eBike insurance, cyclists have a false assumption that their eBike has coverage.

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