Bike + eBike Insurance? Bentonville, the Mountain Bike Capital welcomes BikeInsure Office!

Ledger Building, Bentonville

April 9, 2024 / ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE / Bentonville, Arkansas— BikeInsure, an insurtech company specializing in comprehensive insurance to protect bikes and eBikes in the United States from riding, transit, and theft risks, is thrilled to welcome Jan Gillespie to our team. Jan, a licensed insurance agent with experience at Nationwide and Allstate Home and Auto Insurance, will lead our partnerships in Bentonville, the renowned Mountain Bike Capital of America.

Official Mountain Bike Insurance

Bentonville Mayor Stephanie Orman was quoted in a Runway Group announcement, "Over the past decade, our community has built a reputation among mountain biking enthusiasts and athletes as the premier global destination for the sport." The trails' supportive amenities, infrastructure, and innovative trail network secure Bentonville's place as the crown jewel among all other premier locations worldwide. "We're the heart of the trailhead in the Ozarks, and headquarters to the most innovative mountain bike trail designs built anywhere."

Unfortunately, bicycle and eBike owners falsely assume that home insurance may cover their bikes.

Home Insurance is Insurance for a Home.

The issue: Cyclists need a separate insurance policy for their bicycles and eBikes to protect them from financial risk.

The reason: Homeowners insurance policies are not the best option for protecting bicycles and valued bike accessories from crash damage or theft. They are primarily designed to cover catastrophic home loss. Additionally, home insurance policies usually do not cover electric bikes because they are classified as motorized vehicles.

The solution: BikeInsure offers a separate bike insurance policy specifically designed for bicycles and eBikes to provide comprehensive coverage for both types of bikes. The best feature is if you file a claim with BikeInsure, it will not impact any other insurance policies, so you can rest assured that your homeowner's insurance will not be affected.

BikeInsure Separate Bicycle Insurance.

Jan Gillespie, BikeInsure Partnerships, noted, "I moved to Bentonville last year and immediately saw a huge opportunity within the cycling marketplace. Then I found the website and loved it. The standalone bike insurance product, ease of purchase, and straightforward policy are precisely what every bike and eBike in the United States needs. I am thrilled to lead BikeInsure in Bentonville so we may show local bicycle brands how our partnerships enhance customers' sustainability, profitability, and satisfaction without complex development or resources."

BikeInsure Bentonville.

"As cyclists become more aware of their essential need for a separate bike insurance policy, Jan will be instrumental in establishing BikeInsure partnerships within the mountain bike capital of the world," said Buzzy Cohn, BikeInsure CEO. "As the official mountain bike insurance provider of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), our mountain bike customers appreciate the 'peace of mind' that comes with having bike insurance coverage for their bikes and eBikes. Additionally, our clients will enjoy BikeInsure transit coverage when transporting their bikes to community trailheads. Cyclists all over Bentonville, including vistors from all over the United States, can have their bikes and e-bikes insured with BikeInsure!"

Insure riding, transit, and theft risks.
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