How much will the bike theft insurance pay out if my bike is stolen?

The optional Bike Theft Insurance has a $10,000 per bike annual aggregate limit and a $250 per occurrence deductible.

If the covered bike gets stolen, the insurance will pay the amount necessary to replace the bicycle, along with the listed non-stock attached accessories and components, with a current market substantially identical to the kind or quality bike, less the per-occurrence deductible, not to exceed the stated limit of insurance.

Bicycle Theft $10,000 annual limit

A cyclist whose electric bicycle was insured shared, "I became a victim of bike theft when my eBike got stolen!"

It sounds horrible, which it is, yet it was not all bad news because of BikeInsure. In my time of stress, BikeInsure calmly advised me to file my claim with a police report. Amazingly, shortly after submitting my claim, the claim administrator from Great American Insurance contacted me.

BikeInsure has got to be the best bike insurance around. Thank you for choosing Great American to underwrite the BikeInsure policy. BikeInsure is a great bicycle insurance product and an amazing service to cycling customers. I am forever grateful and will recommend BikeInsure to every bike owner I know.

Specialized Bike Theft Review

A BikeInsure customer with optional theft insurance shared, "Had it not been for BikeInsure, I'd be screwed."

My BikeInsure'd bicycle was recently stolen when a thief violated my life and stole my bike, which had my prosthetic arm still attached to the handlebar while I was training for the Paralympics.

BikeInsure promptly paid me $10,000 just days after I filed my claim. The claims adjuster was kind and efficient. I was relieved and grateful for the quick and compassionate service I received from BikeInsure.

$10,000 Pinarello Bike Theft Claim



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