Bicycle Protection Referral Program


Welcome to the BikeInsure Partnership Program.

Ride Covered LLC dba BikeInsure ("Agent") is pleased to offer you ("Client") the ability to refer your customers to a Bicycle Protection Program ("BikeInsure"). This program allows the Client to have a branded access point into the BikeInsure customer referral portal, where the Client can refer its customers interested in exploring and enrolling in the Bicycle Protection Program.

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Program Acceptance:
I have reviewed the referral program proposal described in this document and agree that this information applies to our business. Therefore, I accept these program terms for the BikeInsure Protection Program and would like to proceed with onboarding to the BikeInsure website.

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To get questions answered via FAQ or to ask questions via email or chat, please click the HELP button at the bottom of this page. If you prefer a telephone call to speak with BikeInsure, please call.


Clients Benefits:

  • Enhance client customers' experience by referring your customers to a value-add service where:
  1. customers can enroll to protect their bicycles or eBikes from physical damage, and
  2. customers can optionally enroll their bicycles or eBikes for theft coverage.
  • The opportunity to earn a one-time promotional fee of $10 for each referred customer account sign up

Your Customers' Benefits:

  • Customers can easily apply for and enroll their bicycle from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Coverage can also extend to the accessories included with the bike.
  • Fixed pricing per bicycle. No additional underwriting is required. Low deductible.
  • Optionally add theft coverage with a single button click.
  • Low monthly premium payments are automatically charged to the customer's credit card.
  • Customers can easily add additional bicycles or eBikes to their policy
Bike Coverage $16.99 a month. Theft Protection add $8 a month

Program Structure:

  1. After signing below, complimentary onboarding includes a branded landing page on the website. This page may be accessed directly via the web or using a unique QR code that BikeInsure will provide that customers can scan to proceed to the Client branded landing page. Additionally, if you have a website, BikeInsure will work with you to set up a landing page link on your site, with the objective being a frictionless user experience. 
  2. The licensed insurance agency Ride Covered LLC hosts and manages the landing page and the BikeInsure website.
  3. Referred customers are directed to the landing page on the website for general information about Bicycle Protection. From there, the customer can choose "Get Started" to complete the application information, obtain the coverage quote, sign up for an account, and enroll for coverage.
  4. The customers' application process includes (i) configuring the bike information, (ii) reviewing the quote, (iii) account sign up, (iv) entering the payment information, and (v) enrollment to receive an insurance certificate and policy. All this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.
  5. The customer can self-manage their program by logging into the website. They can add bicycles, edit bicycle, personal, and payment information, report a claim, or request coverage cancellation.
  6. Your BikeInsure agent, Buzzy Cohn, can answer any ongoing coverage needs or questions.

Program Parameters:

  • Your own branded landing page on the BikeInsure website.
  • Annual Aggregate Policy Limit: $10,000 per bicycle or eBike.
  • Physical Damage Coverage for accidental damage to the bike or eBike: $100 deductible per claim occurrence.
  • Optional Theft Coverage: $250 deductible per claim occurrence.
  • Monthly fixed premium payments with a recurring credit card charge.
  • Automatic annual policy renewal.

Company’s Trademarks:

  • In connection with this promotion of BikeInsure and Client, and the program's marketing, Agent, and Client, as a result of this grant, a limited, non-exclusive license to use the company's trademarks described below (the "Trademarks") in connection with the program.
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  • You are prohibited from performing any activities that require an insurance producer or claim adjuster license. These activities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance;
  2. Describing, recommending, or evaluating the adequacy of insurance coverage; and
  3. Investigating, negotiating, or settling an insurance claim.
Thank you. BikeInsure will process the request and follow up with you shortly.
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