Is there an Adventure Cycling Association member discount?

Yes! Adventure Cycling members may access a discounted rate here with America's Best Adventure Bike Insurance to protect their bicycles and e-bikes from transit, theft, and riding risks.

Official Adventure Bike Insurance

"We are excited that Adventure Cyclists can travel by bicycle worry-free from financial loss due to bike accidents and theft with our BikeInsure partnership," said Maxton Caplanides, Director of Development & Membership at Adventure Cycling Association. "When our supporters pedal out on a bike adventure, whether they are riding across the country or exploring close to home, they are often doing so with bikes and equipment that would cause undue hardship to replace due to an accident or theft. BikeInsure's commitment to providing comprehensive coverage for bicycles and e-bikes aligns with our ​work​ to help people feel empowered to venture out into the world by bike and takes one major source of anxiety out of the equation."

BikeInsure it, then Adventure Ride it!



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