Bicycle Warranty vs Bike Insurance: Is there a difference?

WARRANTY promises what to expect, whereas INSURANCE guarantees covering the unexpected.

warranty for a bicycle or e-bike is a promise made by the manufacturer or a similar party to ensure the quality of their product. It guarantees the quality of its product and outlines the conditions for repairs, refunds, or exchanges if the product doesn't function as intended. This knowledge empowers consumers to ensure that the bicycle goods they purchase meet the advertised standards.

Bicycle insurance is a separate opt-in policy intended to help cyclists manage the financial risks of their bike or e-bike and all attached non-stock accessories and components listed on the policy. Its purpose is to provide coverage against the risk of sudden and accidental direct physical loss to insured equipment caused by riding or transit accidents. In addition, bicycle insurance can cover theft if the bike or e-bike is stolen.

If your e-bike battery malfunctions, it is considered a warranty issue. However, if you have BikeInsure insurance and crash the e-bike that damages the expensive battery, it will be covered under your bicycle insurance policy.

Moreover, the warranty is not applicable if your eBike is secured and stolen. However, it will be covered under your bicycle insurance policy if you have BikeInsure Theft Protection.

Bicycle Warranty vs Bike Insurance



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