Who owns an iPhone with cheap protection, yet owns a Bike without affordable Insurance?

BikeInsure has innovated a process that allows a cyclist to obtain bike coverage with optional theft protection for a bicycle as quickly as it was to get for your smartphone, in just a few minutes, all from BikeInsure.com. Today's expensive bikes need a standalone insurance coverage policy to provide you with protection. BikeInsure reimburses you for repairs to your insured bicycle and listed accessories due to accidents when riding. Coverage continues during transit of the scheduled bike and extends to a stolen bike when optional theft protection is selected. 

"When I purchased an Apple iPhone 11 Pro from Verizon several years ago for $999, I chose to add $17 per month for Verizon Mobile Protect to insure my phone. In June 2022, I purchased an Apple iPad Pro from Apple.com for $1,439. Likewise, I chose to add $17 per month for the Verizon Mobile Protect insurance." said Buzzy Cohn, CEO of BikeInsure.

Like our favorite electronic devices, Bikes cost a lot of money, and you want to protect your investment.

Obtain bike insurance for a bicycle as quickly as it was to get for your smartphone

Many insurance experts advise us to consider today's homeowner's insurance as "catastrophic loss protection." This is because homeowners' policies often have high deductibles, multiple claims can lead to cancellation or non-renewal, lower limits on certain individual items, and a claim can cause your premium to jump significantly.

Standalone insurance products offset financial exposure.

BikeInsure is a cost-effective, standalone, primary insurance solution for your bike. The BikeInsure smart alternative provides the protection you need without compromising your homeowner's insurance. Therefore, even though I paid thousands of dollars more for my Trek Madone Project One road bike than any Apple product I insure, I own my bike with 'peace of mind' BikeInsure coverage for just $16.99 /mo.

BikeInsure CEO Buzzy Cohn on purchasing standalone insurance.

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