A standalone bike insurance policy is a better choice than homeowners insurance for bicycle coverage.

87 million Americans ride bicycles, on the open road, and the road less traveled, to reach a finish line, or to start the day’s work. For improved health, or the rush of speed, we ride. As the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States, cycling is relatively safe. The benefits outweigh the risks 20 to 1. But when the unexpected happens, BikeInsure has you covered.

A true story:

"As an adult, I bought a road bike and a helmet. I thought as long as I rode responsibly I wouldn’t even get a flat tire. However, as I was riding with a small group one Sunday morning, I accidentally ran over debris in the road. In an instant I had damage to my bike."

It was troubling to learn that a claim for replacement of my bike through my homeowner’s insurance may result in policy cancellation. During my recovery, all I wanted to do was ride again but I wasn’t sure if I could even afford another accident.

No cyclist should have to worry about the real cost of an accident. BikeInsure gives you coverage at one low price. So, whether you are a retired pro, or an average Joe, Enjoy the ride. You’re Covered.

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